Why not, asked Knot

Knot Telling

Why everyone should like my friend Knot Telling’s blog at tellingknots.com¬†and facebook page at facebook.com/tellingknots30.

Have you not liked Telling knots?
Asked Knot and if not,
Why not? Asked Knot.
For this site knocks the spots
Off other pages and blogs
Turns leopards into springboks,
Said Knot.

Didn’t you know, asked Knot,
That this site knocks the socks
Off cheer-leaders and jocks
Makes wannabe Hitchcocks
Push “snooze” on their clocks
Turns ordinary hacks into laughing-stocks,
Asked Knot.

Yes I do, replied Tim,
For the chances are slim
That it couldn’t charm cherubim
Fill a half-full glass to the brim
Mechanise kibbutzim
Captivate, fascinate, and infatuate homonyms.
All should like Telling Knots, replied Tim.

In Jerusalem there is a street

A mural of Jerusalem
In Jerusalem there is a street
Where two points of the compass meet.
And though carnivals there dance aplenty,
And demonstration a modus vivendi,
It is a place of quiet retreat.

For at the end of the street is a cave,
Where lizards will never behave.
Though spiders send a soul yelling,
It’s there brave translator, Knot Telling,
Surfs the electromagnetic wave.
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Happy Raksha Bandhan

Rakhi bracelet on a hand

Happy Raksha Bandhan everyone! I must admit I didn’t know of this Hindu festival before a kind friend gave me the Rakhi pictured. These sacred threads are given as a sign that you are considered a brother. We spent a lot of time together growing up and it’s wonderful to have friends we think of as family. Thank you, Lydia!