Flying low

I was walking past a sex shop today when a brisk wind alerted me that my fly was down. I quickly turned to the wall (of the sex shop) to adjust it and turned back to make direct eye contact with a neighbour walking the other way.

Let’s just say…awkward.

3 thoughts on “Flying low

  1. Awkward, you say? So with that truly dry, understated and self-effacing manner that has characterized the Empire over the centuries, you announce it on the World Wide Web, leaving me many unanswered questions, questions I’d rather not as aloud.

    • Well, it was awkward in the sense that I couldn’t explain to the neighbour without falling into “he doth protest too much” territory and so just had to offer a weak grin and carry on.

      On the WWW I can explain myself to my heart’s content 🙂 (and I hoped it might raise a smile or two).

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