When giants crawl

I once brimmed with hope and possibilities,
I thought I could skim the sun and surf the breeze.
With your words my wings withered with disease.
I walked with you.

You dreamed as well and these dreams came to nought.
Through me you thought your battles would be fought.
But mine are frail, my dear, and will not bear onslaught.
I covered you.

In frustrated fear you begin to sneer and then to grin
At every frail hope I’ve ever held within.
Where my skin once grew thick it now grows thin.
I’m crushed by you.

With mirthless intent you laugh and criticise
The truth I thought I glimpsed behind the lies.
And I know long before my last tear dries,
I’m over you.

I try to explain my mood and to describe
The betrayal I feel inside at each new jibe.
A blackmailer who tells and then still takes the bribe.
I’ll run from you.

Yet each insidious word has me in thrall.
Where once I flew I now only crawl.
A giant who cried then forgot to be tall.
I’ll lie with you.

A knife’s blade is keen but without guile,
Its strokes will cut and not dissemble as they defile.
Words strike deeper still when delivered with a smile.
I’ll lie with you.

5 thoughts on “When giants crawl

    • Thank you. I dreamt of this poem, or the bones of it, and had to write it when I woke up. I’ve seen some awfully abusive relationships where the abuse is verbal rather than physical, but no less hurtful for that.

  1. I agree it’s very beautiful and yet very cutting like a laser knife to the heart. It pulls at the heart strings!!!!

  2. Thank you very much for the kind comments. I’m so glad people think it is a lovely poem, although I agree it is rather dark too.

    I see so many sad couples who try to bolster themselves by putting the other down, rather than enjoying life together and I think it came from that.

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