Bar retribution


Barman just gave me change from £20 when I gave him £10. After a moment’s soul searching (well more than a few moments if I’m honest) I let him know and gave it back.

He said it would have come out of his wages and got me a shot. And from now on whenever I’m at the bar no matter how many people are waiting I get served first.

£10 well spent as far as I’m concerned!

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Owl on a branch with the moon behind

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Trick bait


Got tricked into clicking on a “before they were famous” photo gallery by the London Evening Standard where I was promised 36 counterposed photos of before and after shots of stars.

I am very pleased to report that I got to number 7 before I actually knew who one of them was either before, or indeed, after.

At which point, dear reader, I left.

Champagne celebration


Won first prize at the friends of St Mary’s Haddenham fundraiser.

Bottle of champagne? Mais oui s’il vous plaît !

Particularly since the last time I won something at a raffle it was a bottle of champagne that I had myself donated and which someone later nicked off my table!